Seed Bank


  1. 1.
    You STAKE your SEED to get DAB
  2. 2.
    Now you are earning a portion of 25% of each block reward
  3. 3.
    Now you stake that DAB and start earning tokens from brand new BSC projects
This is SEED compounding.
Your SEED is now pulling in multiple income streams.
Sounds… “sweet”, right? 😏
SEED Bank: where seeds and new tokens meet the GanjaSwap community!
Seed Bank allows Binance Smart Chain projects to bootstrap adoption by distributing a portion of their tokens to DAB token holders.
Seed Bank will be split into two sections: Core and Community.
  • Core will be initially selected by the GanjaSwap team.
  • Community will be projects that pass a community vote on the governance portal.
Why would projects want to participate?
Since GanjaSwap has had the fairest launch ever on February 2017, DAB Pool projects will allow projects to receive market attention by issuing tokens.
Projects will also receive an immediate default listing on the GanjaSwap interface, obtaining priority promotion on the exchange (by ranking temporarily first in selecting tokens on the website).
Extending the utility of DAB tokens
Governance, collecting fees, stacking SEED block rewards and the (upcoming) lottery are some of the DAB token’s core utility functions… for now.
With SEED Bank, a new function has been offered for DAB holders in GanjaSwap: adding the toppings to $DAB and the $SEED.