Dear Valued Holder

2021 letter to MRJA Holders
Dear Valued Holder, First we would like to thank you for supporting GanjaCoin since our initial launch in February 2017. It has been a tough ride, Ganjacoin wouldn't be where it is today without your dedicated support! As crypto blockchain continues to develop it has enabled us to integrate new and innovative blockchain technology to Ganjacoin.
Our newest update will be our BIGGEST ONE thus far.
Allowing us to bring you:
  • AMM (Automated Market Maker)
  • NFT CARDS (Non-Fungible Token)
During this swapping process Ganjacoin - MRJA will become GanjaSwap - SEED.
Below we have listed some information about what you can except in the coming weeks:
  • MRJA to SEED Conversion (204:1)
  • 5% of crowdsale will be distributed to all current MRJA Holders
  • Stable Trading Market
For more information please take a moment to look over the rest of the documents. If you have any more questions/concerns please contact support. Once again Thank you for all your support and Welcome to