Crowdsale AMA with Spicy Gems
On Sunday 02.05.2021 we were invited to participate in a AMA with Spicy Gems. Below you can see the AMA transcript.
Host: Sergio - Spicy Gems
GanjaSwap representative: Andre (owner)


Sergio: Hello guys and welcome to Spicy Gems. We are very pleased today to host our AMA session with @GanjaswapOfficial . Today we will talk with @GANJASWAP - Dev/Owner
Sergio: I want to start with the first question.
Can you introduce yourself and your team please? We want get to know you and your team. What you did before crypto, and how you got into crypto?
Andre: Sure ... My name is Andre. Creator and developer of GanjaSwap. We have a dedicated team of 10 members. Before crypto i did a lot of web development, then i started to get into crypto development from there creating Ganjacoin / GanjaSwap in 2016-2017
Sergio: So tokens is already listed or not?
Andre: We had the market up before Crowdsale for beta testing, Once Crowdsale is over we will Open markets back up.
Sergio: I read you have a real store. Right?
Andre: Yes GanjaSwap owns "High Life Smoke Shop" - 43 MAIN RD TIVERTON, RI 02878
Sergio: Are you public?
Andre: Yes, we are public
Sergio: Can you give us a short introduction of Ganjaswap project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitive advantage?
Andre: GanjaSwap is not only a Decentralized exchange running on BSC finance smart chain. It is the first commodity backed crypto with a real use case. As a Decentralized exchange, we offer the opportunity to stake and earn SEEDs in our SEED Bank. We offer real use case though our Smoke Shop by accepting Ganjaswap - seed as a currency as well as backing 1 coin to 1 feminized cannabis seed
Sergio: Will be people able to buy through online shop too?
Andre: Yes Online and in person
Sergio: Sounds good. Any estimated time on online shop launch? or is it already launched?
Andre: Online shop should be ready in a few weeks
Sergio: What are main competitors in crypto?
Andre: In the general Crypto Field would be just main exchanges like PancakeSwap, Binance... In the Cannabis Aspect, we have no competitors. There isn't a Crypto on the market that has what we have. We been around for 4 years same team same developer, Full Transparency through our Retail Location Smoke Shop Owned by GanjaSwap, Backed Commodity,Investment opportunity for all.
Sergio: Can you tell us more about your token? Are tokenomics already released?
Andre: Yes we have released our tokenomics, those can be found one our website. We have new contracts coming out soon, upgraded security & Floor Price.
Sergio: What are the ways that your project generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model?
Andre: We have a seed treasury where we collect fees from the exchange as well as the token itself. Not only will we earn from seeds but from the Smoke Shop as well.
Sergio: What about your presale? What is the amount you are going to raise?
Andre: Our goal is to raise $2,000,000 which equates to 250,000 SEED at $8
Crowdsale Distribution (250,000 SEED)
90% - Locked in SEED/BNB Liquidity
5% - Developer Treasury
5% - MRJA Migrators
Sergio: Have you planned any marketing campaign? Coming AMAs, CEX listings or something huge to promote after launch?
Andre: We are currently in our 2nd phase of the marketing Campaign to follow will be more Exchanges, and Marketing Phase 3.
Sergio: It’s community time. We will unmuted the chat so people could ask their questions
Audience question #1: Investors are afraid to invest a new project because of so many rug pull and exit scam. How can you sure that there will be no chance of scam and I will be profitable?
Andre: We look to be Fully transparent. As the Owner of GanjaSwap and High Life Smoke Shop my identity is NOT HIDDEN. Any investors, staker, pot lover can come down to the Smoke shop anytime to meet me. As for your profitable questions we have coded a FLOOR PRICE into our contracts meaning Seed Price can never go under 10$ USD. Crowdsale is selling for 8$ a token thats an instant 2$ gain. Not only can you make that quick gain but for long term you can join our staking pools and farms to earn more on your dollar.
Audience question #2: The roadmap tells us what you have planned until 2021, with this being crypto that’s a very short roadmap! What are the plans for the future, and do you hope to do?
Andre: Future goals for GanjaSwap is to keep expanding our exchange market as well as farms, pools, nfts and much more.
For High life smoke shop (STILL BEING DISCUSSED)
We may franchise the smoke shop and GanjaSwap-SEED as an integration
Our main goal is to open a REC marijuana dispensary where we will accept GanjaSwap- SEED as payment.
Audience question #3: Is it possible to smoke with team members?
Andre: Yes
Audience question #4: How is the security of users within your project guaranteed and not compromised? And how secure is your project from any kind of attacks?
Andre: All our contracts have been reviewed and updated to avoid attacks thats already happened. We have coded in other features as well to protect members funds
Freeze Account ( In case of Hack)
Wipe/Reimburse Balance ( In case of Hack)
Users can have peace of mind with GanjaSwap knowing their money is safe
Sergio: @GANJASWAP AMA is now over
Thank you for joining us and having time with our Spicy 🌶 community.
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